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Date: 29th January 2019
Corundum Brick
Product description: The product uses fused white corundum sand as the main raw material (Al2O3 > 98%) and is fired at 1600?~1700? high temperature after shaping by high-tonnage moulding machine. For this reason,Website:http://www.cnjingganrefractory.com, the product has excellent performance, acid resistance, alkali corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It is widely used in iron and steel industry furnace, chemical furnace, incinerator and other high-temperature industrial furnace and so on.Index?ItemJGYBAl2O3??%95Cr2O3??%?Fe2O3??%0.8Apparent porosity %20Bulk density ?g/cm33.1Cold crushing strength Mpa80Refractoriness under load KD,?1700Reheating Linear Change ?%1600??3h(?0.2)Product characteristics: 1)The main product is corundum phase, Al2O3?95%, acid, alkali and other slag corrosion resistance is good, the density reaches 3.2g/cm3, and the temperature resistance reaches above 1650?. The product is applied in the key parts of the kiln, which prolongs the overall service life of the kiln. 2)Products are pure white, beautiful,neat edges and corners, small masonry gap.
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